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Cauliflower Corner

On this page, we offer you inspiring and playful information related to the cauliflower. Get a pick of the best recipes, businesses, innovative and unconventional usages of the cauliflower from around the globe!

Name Cauliflower Flagship

As you know, we invited you to be creative and come up with a suitable name for the Cauliflower Flagship. We have selected the 4 most captivating names: HMS Oleracea, ReCaul, Caullirator and Cauliflowerpower. Which one do you think is best? Please let us know by filling out this form.

Cauliflower ice cream

Delicious ice cream made with cauliflowers that didn’t make it to New Zealand’s supermarkets? At EatKinda, they have found a way to create great-tasting diary-free ice cream with cosmetically imperfect cauliflowers as the main ingredient. This ice cream is supposed to be the real deal; creamy and hard to resist. Unfortunately, we cannot taste it (yet) here in the Netherlands. But there is hope. EatKinda’s business is currently expanding to Australia. Keep an eye out for these innovators to see if other markets will be their next step!

Cauliflower pastas

The cauliflower pizza crust can be found in many Dutch supermarkets these days. Cauliflower penne and linguine, however, do not seem to be available yet. In the United States the company Caulipower offers cauliflower pastas made with real cauliflower. Currently only available for people in the United States of America and Canada.

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