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CropXR appoints Board of Directors

CropXR, a public-private collaborative institute dedicated to developing more resilient plants with innovative ‘smart breeding’ methods, has announced the appointment of the new Institute’s Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors will manage the activities of CropXR on a daily basis, as well as appoint and oversee supporting staff. The Board comprises (pictured from left to right):

– A.J. (Auke) Damstra, MSc, expert in business and IT solutions, was appointed as the institute’s Technology Director.
– Dr. H.A.S. (Hedwich) Teunissen, molecular biologist trained in phytopathology and plant breeding, was appointed in a role as general Programme Director.
– Prof.dr. A.F.J.M. (Guido) van den Ackerveken, professor of Translational Plant & Microbial Biology at Utrecht University, was appointed as CropXR’s Scientific Director. He will chair the Board of Directors.

About CropXR

CropXR’s mission is to make agricultural production less vulnerable to climate change and less dependent on artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides by developing and using a concept of ‘smart’, AI-assisted breeding.

CropXR is a collaboration founded by Utrecht University, Wageningen University and Research, the University of Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology, and Plantum, the umbrella organisation of Dutch-based producers of starting materials. Many other public and private partners participate in its work, including universities of applied sciences, biotechnology companies, processing industries and large and medium-sized plant breeding companies.

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