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Much of CropXR’s exciting and important work is carried out by our founding institutions and private partners at various locations in the Netherlands. CropXR’s activities are managed and facilitated from a central support office in the city of Utrecht.

At present the following career opportunities are open for applications.

Open positions

  • PhD candidate in Integrated Modelling for Plant Life-History Traits at CropXR/University of Amsterdam
    This four-year PhD position is dedicated to research towards unraveling the regulatory networks controlling reproduction-associated transitions under temperature and drought stress. The candidate will use a combination of machine learning and mechanistic modelling to study flowering time and other plant life-history traits. We intend to design possible strategies towards optimal flowering and robust fruit and seed production under sub-optimal conditions. In four accompanying experimental PhD-projects, data will be obtained on the transcriptome and phenotype level.
    – Location: Amsterdam (Netherlands)
    – Employer: University of Amsterdam, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences, Biosystems Data Analysis group.
    – Contract type: Full time, 1.0 fte (38 – 40h per week), for 4 years
    – Application deadline: 23.08.2024
    – Apply: here

  • Research technician Plant Physiology
    We are seeking a highly motivated and talented technician to join a project within CropXR’s core research programme. You will perform experiments on two commercially important species: lettuce and potato. The project will focus on optimising stress protocols (heat, drought) and generating phenotypic and physiological data for these two species. This will form crucial experimental input for downstream mathematical modelling of stress responses in these species. You will have the opportunity to interact with PhD candidates, postdocs and scientists involved in different aspects of this work programme but also the extended CropXR team. The position will be based in a dynamic and collaborative research environment working under the supervision of Professor Rashmi Sasidharan and Professor Guido van den Ackerveken.
    – Location: Utrecht (Netherlands)
    – Employer: Utrecht University, Department of Biology
    – Contract type: 32-40 hours
    – Application deadline: August 10, 2024
    – Apply: