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First Young CropXR event

CropXR Young is an initiative meant to strengthen the ties between CropXR’s early career professionals. Recently, the first meeting of CropXR Young took place. Read a short throwback of this event.  

On the 23rd of May, YoungCropXR kicked off. A group of 20 PhD researchers, students and supporting staff gathered at restaurant Ubica in Utrecht for an informal meeting. This proved to be a great opportunity for every young-hearted member of the CropXR community to get to know each other. It was a pleasant and informative evening with lots of talking and great (vegan) food.


Curiosity and talking were key words during the evening. Everybody gave a 3-minute pitch which included an explanation of one’s research and information on personal interests and leisure activities. In addition, everyone shared the last song they played on Spotify.

The variety of topics within CropXR

The presentations demonstrated the great variety of research conducted within CropXR. The pitches touched upon a wide range of topics; from mechanical modelling to the ethical considerations related to CropXR. During the dinner, further conversations ensued, either about research or personal interests.

Follow-up activities of Young CropXR

This first meeting proved to be a great starting point for more exchange and connection. When asked if this kind of meetings should be organized more often, everyone responded enthusiastically. There is a wish to regularly stay in touch and exchange information in an informal way. The Young CropXR community is clearly thriving, and more activities will likely follow.