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In the face of a rapidly changing climate, more resilient crops are needed. Such resilient crops should withstand a wide array of stressors like drought or salinisation. Moreover, they should be able to grow without relying on agricultural practices that harm the environment.

CropXR is a unique consortium comprising scientists and industrial partners. It is committed to advancing the development of crop varieties that are more resilient. Such varieties will benefit both farmers and consumers and will help to protect our planet.

As a public-private collaboration, CropXR is dedicated to driving breakthrough innovations for more sustainable and climate-adapted agriculture worldwide. Its mission is ambitious:

In 2033, we have developed resilient crops through data-driven design.

CropXR works on attaining this mission by deploying four success strategies:

Data-Driven Design

CropXR studies and unravels crop resilience by using a clever and intricate combination of biology, data, modelling, simulations, and artificial intelligence. This creates the ability to accurately predict resilience in crops.

Resilience Hub

CropXR envisions to become the world’s pivotal center of expertise in the realm of crop resilience. It will be the hub for all the worldwide knowledge, data, tools, and expertise on crop resilience. Its excellent data infrastructure enables easy access to a global community.

CropXR Coalition

By bringing together bright minds with different backgrounds, CropXR creates the optimal environment for breakthrough innovations. The various partners, affiliated to academia or the industry, work closely together on a common mission. Diversity is embraced and the many different talents of all those who participate are cherished as a unique competence. This strong coalition strives for societal impact.


There is a constant awareness that the knowledge and insights CropXR gains can be advanced. CropXR continuously improves its pace and performance by deploying accelerators. Such accelerators can be: ameliorating collaboration, smarter experimentation, innovative data approaches or tapping into new resources, partners, and knowledge. Our approach is open-minded and inquisitive which creates ample opportunity for innovation.

CropXR & the Sustainable Development Goals

CropXR fully recognises the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. With its mission and strategies, the consortium aims to contribute to the goals, in particular to: