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Potato Kick-off

In March, CropXR-Potato commenced its quest to obtain knowledge on the resilience of potatoes. During the festive launch of the program all those who are part of this program gathered. The day also marked the official start of newly appointed PhD candidates, post-docs, and Universities of Applied Sciences students. CropXR warmly welcomed everybody.

Nutritious & delicious: words associated with the potato. Unfortunately, this crop faces severe challenges like climate change. How to make the potato crop more resilient to overcome this? CropXR-Potato is the first and front-runner crop-specific program, part of the CropXR consortium. The focus is on finding solutions to make the potato crop more sustainable and climate adaptive.

During the CropXR-Potato Kick-off, the upcoming activities of the program were discussed. They include extensive field experiments which will take place at AIKC Rusthoeve and SPNA agroresearch. The aim is to gain a wealth of data on drought and nitrogen stress responses for potato crop modelling.

CropXR-Potato brings together researchers from Delft University of Technology, Wageningen University & Research and Utrecht University, potato breeders and processing companies united in Holland Innovative Potato. CropXR-Potato is full of passion and synergy, and we are all looking forward to gaining more insights and making impact!